Download of the Turtleshell Model:

Sourcecode turtle.f95

Precompiled turtle.e Linux (Ubuntu 10.04->)

Model ready Linux (Ubuntu 10.04->)

Precompiled turtle_osx Mac

Model ready Mac


Normal turtle shell patterning (parameters.log)

Notes: Linux port is compiled on Ubuntu 10.04, and should work on any later versions of Ubuntu.

Supplementary description files:

Plots the output (draw_gnuplot.gnu)

Abnormal turtle shell patterning (turtle_anomalies.txt)

To quickly run the model (model parameters cannot be changed):

1) Download the (model ready) und unzip it. Make sure that GNUPLOT is installed.

2) Run ./ from a terminal.

To run the model with individually changeable parameters::

1) Download at least the sourcefile (turtle.f95) or the executable file (turtle.e) and the parameters.log files. Save them in the same folder.

2) Adapt the paramters.log file that include the parameters to your needs by overwriting their values. The default output file is Turtle_0.dat. It can be defined by renaming the string "Turtle_0.dat" in the parameters.log file, if necessary

3) Run the program. In Linux, this is done by entering ./turtle.e in the terminal. In case this doesn't work, you need to download a compiler for fortran.95 and compile the turtle.f95 accordingly.

4) Visualize the output by means of a plotting program. You will find a template (for GNUPLOT) in the draw_gnuplot.gnu file. Run it with typing gnuplot draw_gnuplot.gnu .

5) To tinker with the parameters, change them in the parameters.log file and re-run the model. For a simulation of some anomalous patterns, see turtle_anomalies.txt.

! Notice that the output file of the simulations may be large, depending on the frequency of the output (precompiled version: ca.30MB)


Moustakas-Verho, J. et al. The origin and loss of periodic pattern in the turtle shell.

For questions & comments, please contact roland.zimm[at]